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I was hypnotised before and it didn’t work
Some techniques used in hypnotic trance vary so you may benefit from using a different hypnotherapist. However, our perceptions of hypnosis and the need to transform our lives changes as we grow and develop which means you may be much more suitable for hypnotism now

I have seen a hypnotist stage show and I thought it was very funny. Will you be able to do any of that stuff to me?
No. I am a hypnotherapist and will only use hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to improve the part of your life that you want to change. I will never ask you to do anything that you would think is unacceptable and you most definitely would never allow yourself to do anything that you thought was unacceptable.

What if I lose control?
We will work together in a co operative relationship and as you relax into the hypnotic state, you will be in control of what happens. Remember, a trance state can be terminated at any time.

Do I have to be weak minded to be hypnotised?
You do not have to be weak minded to be hypnotised, anyone can be hypnotised; strong or weak minded.

Is it bad for my health, after all, it may slow my heart rate or blood pressure?
Being hypnotised will put you in a state of relaxation so it may aid your health and well being by encouraging relaxation.

I might say something that I don’t want to say?
Nobody can be hypnotised to do or say anything against their will but they may act in a certain way or say certain things because they want to. No one can be forced to violate their own values.

Is there such a thing as a powerful Hypnotist?
It is not the power of the hypnotist, it is the power that the client uses which allows them to gain and maintain control. The hypnotherapist only guides the client through the experience.

Will I become dependent on hypnotism in the future?
You will not become dependent on hypnosis as it is only used as a therapeutic tool to improve your mental or physical functioning so that you can gain and maintain control of your own life. It is not mind control.

Will I get stuck in a hypnotic state?
You cannot become stuck in a hypnotic state. If left in a hypnotic state, you would automatically return to consciousness on your own or fall into a pleasant sleep and awaken naturally.

Will I be able to remember everything that ever happened to me?
Hypnosis does not always recall everything that ever happened to you due to the complex and creative ways in which memories are stored. Memories are perceptions and perceptions change and distort.

Will I be asleep?
You will not be asleep. You will be in a state of trance that enables you to be relaxed yet aware.

Will I still be in control?
You will be responsible over who has the control and if you need to you can take back control whenever you have to or want to.