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Children are egotistic, they believe that the world revolves around them, therefore they are often ok with their behaviour as they aren’t looking at the impact on others, especially younger children who aren’t mixing with the wider social world.

For example, a child who has a sickness phobia isn’t bothered as they are able to avoid the situations that cause their phobic reaction. For example, if the smell of Indian food or Chinese food causes the reaction or a belly ache is a reminder of the phobia, all the child has to do is reflect that back to their caregiver by refusing to eat the food or be in a place where the food is likely to upset them,

A parent can easily “play to this game” and the phobia seems to disappear or isn’t discussed but the phobia doesn’t disappear and may cause disruptive behaviour or manifest in upsetting circumstances in the future, such as on holiday or when out or when the child gets older and causes embarrassment to the parents.

Therefore, if the child is brought to the therapist to change their behaviour, it will most likely be the idea of an adult.

My skill is getting the child on board by convincing the child to desire a change so that therapy can move forward and encouraging the child to want to change so that the hypnosis can be effective.

I am always aware that children are starting to build their personalities and they are doing this by incorporating experiences into their everyday life. They are trying and challenging, they are expecting and receiving, they are enjoying and hating.

I can help you to convince your child to change .